ANNOUNCING: "killer BOB sings" - the new album from JOBS


the new album from JOBS,

killer BOB sings

out June 30, 2015

Pre-order via Bandcamp

"The ensemble becomes a unified freight train of rhythmic power  under a layer of distorted drone."

Impose Magazine

" their essence, an avant-rock band, but they also draw heavily from minimalist classical structures and a funky, asymmetrical melodic approach from the early days of free jazz."

Words on Sounds

"Their music, which can fairly accurately be described as 
modern day Swans on meth, ranges from trance-inducing to downright cacophonous,  and sometimes makes the transition between the two in a matter of seconds."


New Amsterdam Records is proud to announce killer BOB sings, the immense new album from experimental noise collective JOBS, the newest addition to the New Amsterdam family. killer Bob sings will be available in digital and 12" vinyl formats. Watch a trailer video for the album here, and pre-order the album here via Bandcamp.

Since forming in 2008, JOBS has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting new forces within the thriving experimental music scene in Brooklyn.  Comprised of drummer Max Jaffe, bassist Rob Lundberg, and guitarist Dave Scanlon, the group (formerly known as Killer BOB) has set itself apart with its charged performances - dripping with intensity and wild spontaneity.

After a number of dark and thorny releases under their previous name, JOBS set out to record their new album killer BOB sings with a new approach.  Enlisting the help of vocalist Daniel Ellis-Ferris(of Loft Opera) and multi-instrumentalist/producer Shannon Fields (Leverage Models, Stars Like Fleas, and Helado Negro), the band challenged themselves to embrace a more broad and inclusive sound world.

Integrating blasts of industrial noise with mechanically precise rhythms and pop structures, killer Bob sings showcases the band's influences by way of their virtuosity. Vocals lay over incisive guitar work and percussive textures that range from the unhealthily organic to the speechlessly robotic. Distorted grooves pull themselves out of these structures.

In the studio, the band worked in intensive bursts, for 12-16 hours a day. Fields pushed them to create more and more, giving each member nightly "homework" assignments, such as: "write a ballad and a pop hit." The effect of all this work was to create a more honed and focused band, and - in fact - the resulting album can be heard as JOBS' version of a tightly-constructed pop album - in a world where the fractured "Rhythm Changes" is a club banger and the haunting "Spriiiiiiiiing" a crooner ballad.

More than anything though, killer Bob sings is a supremely vital document of a band pushing itself to evolve and develop. In the words of one concertgoer, JOBS is "unstoppable," and while that may be true, killer Bob sings shows that the group can at least slow down long enough to capture that unstoppability in album form.

killer BOB sings was engineered, mixed, and mastered by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon inWoodstock, NY and produced by Shannon Fields. JOBS is Max Jaffe, Rob Lundberg, and Dave Scanlon.

killer BOB sings tracklist:

1. Patient Angel

2. Esmerelda, The Last Queen of Fire Island

3. Threes

4. Spriiiiiiiiing

5. Rhythm Changes

6. Fed Well

7. Down To The Root

8. Fear May Be A Builder