Olga Bell & Roomful of Teeth to perform at River To River Festival

New Amsterdam is proud to partner with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to present two NewAm artists - Olga Bell and Roomful of Teeth - as part of the 2015 River To River Festival.

The first show will be Tuesday, June 23, at 8:30pm, at Pier 15 presenting Olga Bell's Krai. A video installation showing landscapes of rural Russia provides a dreamlike backdrop for this performance. Using text that is mix of traditional, liturgical and original poetry that Olga created with her mother, a former Radio Moscow broadcaster, vocals for Krai will feature a vocal ensemble of six Olgas (four female and two ‘male‘ singers), singing entirely in Russian of Cossack fables, Orthodox chants and politically charged limericks—all set to a score that includes cello, electric guitar, bass, pitched drums, mallet percussion and electronics, creating a dizzying mosaic of avant-garde and vernacular soundscapes.

Then on Wednesday, June 24, at 8pmRoomful of Teeth will perform a rare New York City concert in which they will perform selection of songs from their new album Render for the first time, including composer Wally Gunn’s The Ascendantand present Caroline Shaw’s music, film and theater video installation Ritornello.

Olga Bell’s Krai and Roomful of Teeth’s Render and Ritornello are co-presented by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and New Amsterdam as part of the River To River Festival 2015. LMCC.net
Support for Krai and Render and Ritornello is provided in part by Rooftop Films.

For more information on the entire River To River Festival, click here.