ANNOUNCING: Ted Hearne's data-obsessed oratorio, "The Source"


Ted Hearne's

The Source 

the new data-obsessed, modern day oratorio which explores the life and story of Chelsea Manning, the US Army Private who infamously leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks

out October 30 

Pre-order now via Bandcamp

"[A] beautiful, sad, altogether crucial reflection of our time."

-- New York Times

"[A] rich musical masterpiece."

-- Opera News

New Amsterdam Records is proud to announce The Source, the new data-obsessed work from composer, singer, and bandleader Ted Hearne. The album will be released in digital and CD formats on October 30. Listen to a track from the album here and pre-order the album here.

A modern day oratorio (written for 7 instrumentalists and 5 singers including Hearne himself), The Source explores the life and story of U.S. Army PrivateChelsea Manning, and the content and implications of the hundreds of thousands of classified military documents she infamously leaked to WikiLeaks. Like Hearne's previous release for New Amsterdam, the widely hailed Katrina BalladsThe Source draws on a litany of primary source texts (stitched together by librettist Mark Doten) - including Twitter feeds, cable news interviews, chat transcripts and declassified military reports.

The piece premiered as a multimedia production (directed by Daniel Fish) at the BAM Next Wave Festival in 2014, and received rave reviews in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Opera News, among others.

"The music, like the text, draws from diverse sources," Hearne says of the piece. "Auto-tuned recitatives, neo-soul ballads, icy string trios and moments of cracked-out musical theater are peppered with (and sometimes structured around) samples that bridge sonic worlds." Referential shards ranging from Big Boi's interpolation of Soul II Soul to Clay Aiken's revisitation of The Threepenny Opera cut through and against texts from military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan to create new ways of experiencing the polyphony of our globally interconnected world.


Read more of Ted's thoughts on the album here.

Pre-order The Source here.

The Source track list:


2. Oh The Shark
3. [Trust Logs]
4. s/as boy/as a boy
5. [A young boy released several pigeons]
6. Julian in a Nutshell
8. Interlude: Don't want to be a part
9. Complex Keys
10. [Smoke when bird nears]
11. [The marine that engaged]
12. [We called for illumination at 1630]
13. I encrypt as much as I can