itsnotyouitsme's This I: Press Round-Up

This I, released November 19 on New Amsterdam Records, is the fourth recording from itsnotyouitsme, the duo of the two prolific and highly regarded New York musicians guitarist Grey Mcmurray and violinist/composer Caleb Burhans. The album has already received a substantial amount of praise from multiple press outlets. This I was featured as Q2 Music's Album of the Week, and Q2's Hannis Brown described it as "an enveloping cloud both profoundly intimate and chillingly distant." In addition, WNYC's New Sounds included the album in their November 2013 New Releases and The Big City Blog praised the duo and album as "The only band that can play ambient/drone music, actu­ally play it live with instru­ments, and make it grip­ping…Their most mys­te­ri­ous and reward­ing release yet." The album was also reviewed by New York Music Daily, describing it as "Moody, Hypnotically Shapeshifting Soundscapes from itsnotyouitsme."

Like the duo’s first three albums on New Amsterdam Records — walled gardens, fallen monuments, and everybody’s pain is magnificent — This I continues itsnotyouitsme’s exploration of ambient sound worlds, but for the first time, creative voices outside the Mcmurray/Burhans mind meld are welcomed into the fold. The duo welcomes two highly influential and widely admired artists, bassist Skúli Sverrisson and vocalist Theo Bleckmann, to expand itsnotyouitsme’s sonic horizons and breathe new life into their compositional process.

Congratulations to itsnotyouitsme and their collaborators! For more information and to buy/stream the album, click HERE. In addition, read an interview with Greg and Caleb about the album HERE.